About Us

Tomorrow's Hope is YOUR Hometown Health Care Charity.

We exist because people like you care deeply about your loved ones, want to help others and enjoy supporting your friends and neighbors. YOU are a hope provider, the light of every tomorrow!

YOUR efforts, time and dollars have greatly enhanced and expanded local health care options, education and research for the benefit of area residents touched by all types of life-limiting illnesses. YOU have also helped their family members, caretakers and more!

Tomorrow's Hope keeps it all local, right here at home. We raise money for an important and serious cause, we support each other, and we have some good fun along the way. In addition to the money raised for local healthcare, YOU have helped us create some wonderful moments and memories for a lot of very special people. They deserve it, and YOU helped make it happen!

YOU have helped us grant more than $3.8 million to local healthcare facilities and research centers. These are the places our friends and loved ones go to when they need medical assistance. Your contributions are put to good use, right here in Jefferson, Dodge and Dane Counties.

YOU are the HOPE of all Tomorrows. YOU are Tomorrow's Hope, and we are forever grateful for your dedication and generosity!

When we started Tomorrow's Hope in 1998, we knew the most important thing we had to do as a group of dedicated, passionate community members was to be accountable to the people and sponsors who support us.

To accomplish that, we require each grant recipient to sign a contract with us. In that contract, we require them to be accountable to us so we can be accountable to you. Here is an example of what we put in the contract:

  • The funds they receive will be used solely for the betterment of public care, support, research and education for those affected by life-limiting illness. Disease prevention programs are also fundable.
  • Reports detailing how the dollars granted by Tomorrow's Hope are being used must be sent each year. We review these reports carefully to tell us how the money is being used, how many people use the program or service, and what communities are being served.
  • The recipients also give a detailed year-end presentation at our annual Hope Fest public discussion forum outlining how their dollars were used.

This web site includes basic information about total dollars granted, who receives the grants, who benefits, etc.  Please also feel free to contact us directly if you want more detailed information about:

  • Who receives your dollars.
  • How the dollars are used.
  • What communities are being served by the programs sponsored by Tomorrow's Hope.

Every dollar donated to Tomorrow's Hope benefits local people, local healthcare service, and local communities. We are, truly, your hometown healthcare charity.