Human Foosball

Online registration has closed. To participate, you can register the day of the event.



Each game shall have two (2) participating teams

Each team must field no more than six (6) players, which must include one goalie and 5 linemen at any time during the game.


The game is just like table top foosball but with real people! Players will face the opposite team’s goal and hold onto the PVC pole with both hands at all times. The game starts by rolling the ball into play from the mid-court starting area. Play continues until a penalty occurs, the ball is out of reach, or out of bounds, or a goal is missed, or is scored. Follow restart procedures to continue playing. Players must move together from side to side. However, no player (except the goalie) is permitted to move forward or backward on the court in a marked movement zone. Players must keep at least one foot on the ground and shoulders must remain above the PVC poles at all times. Players and Goalies can’t use their hands. If they let go of the foosball pole and touch the ball with their arms or hands, it will be a penalty and that player will receive a yellow card. 1st offense receives a yellow card warning, 2nd offense yellow card results in 1 point deduction, and a 3rd offense receives red card ejection. Soccer ball must remain below the foosball poles at all times. When a penalty occurs, the ball should be placed at the feet of one of the forwards of the non-offending team. No kicking/tripping or attempting to kick/trip an opponent. Players on the ground are considered “radioactive” – they are not to be touched and should not be active in the play until they are on their feet. Verbal, physical abuse to another player or the referee will not be tolerated.

Tomorrow’s Hope reserves the right to remove players from a team for repeated offenses or if they believe it is in the best interest of the event Each team member will be required to sign the Participant Waiver form prior to the event.

Mail registration form AND payment to:

Tomorrow’s Hope PO Box 95 Jefferson, WI  53549