Amazing Transformation

Bob Scott’s father struggled with diabetes, heart disease and eventually Alzheimer’s. It was devastating for Bob to see his father’s health decline, and that experience always stayed with him.

As an adult, Bob began facing his own chronic health concerns. Genetics were working against him, but his own eating habits and lack of exercise played a big role in his poor health. Like so many Americans, Bob found himself overweight and living with diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Then, in 2002, he had his first heart attack. Stents and multiple medications followed, and his wife and sons worried they might lose Bob too soon.

His health problems continued until one day his doctor used the “D” word: dialysis. That one word – and the memory of his father’s battles – spurred Bob to make some fundamental changes to his lifestyle and habits.

Bob made a commitment to his health and followed a tried-and-true formula to improve his health: proper diet and regular exercise. It didn’t happen overnight and he had plenty of help and support to achieve his transformation. And it was a transformation (you really might not recognize him.)

He not only dropped weight, he also dropped a few medications, and became a different man in the process. Now, he inspires his sons to stay healthy because he took inspiration from his own father.


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