Finding Comfort Living at Home

Although she is nearing the end of her life, Doris Steffen is grateful that she is able to spend the time she has remaining living together with her family.

Doris has lived in the same home for nearly 65 years. So as Doris’ health has declined, her family has made it a priority to find a way to care for her at home. Without help from Rainbow Hospice Care, they’d be forced to move Doris into a nursing facility.

With Rainbow Hospice Care available, Doris is visited each morning by a hospice CNA (certified nursing assistant) who helps Doris shower, dress, do her hair, and other personal care activities. At night, a CNA from Rainbow’s “Tuck-in Program” made possible by Tomorrows Hope funding, helps Doris get ready for bed.

Hospice nurses also visit regularly to monitor her condition to be sure she is receiving the proper medications and is not suffering pain or other possible symptoms that are common at the end of life. Rainbow has also arranged for all medical equipment necessary for Doris’ care—things like her hospital bed, walker, wheelchair, and the like.

Not only does Doris receive hospice care services for her physical needs, emotional, social, and spiritual support is also available for her and her family members. If the family needs a short break, or must go away for a day or two, Doris is eligible for periodic respite stays at the new Rainbow Hospice Care Inpatient Facility in Johnson Creek.

With the help of Rainbow Hospice, Doris and her family can focus on being a family, and enjoying the time they still have in ways that are especially meaningful to them. Telling stories, playing the piano and just being together.


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