Vigorous and Spirited

Seven year old Kelly Ketchpaw, pink and blue butterfly painted across her face, looks to be as happy and healthy as any other seven year old. And she is now. She has been in remission for four years. Even before Kelly was born, doctors could see a spot on Kelly’s brain that couldn’t be diagnosed because of its inaccessibility. When Kelly was little more than two years old she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor.

Shortly after being diagnosed with medulloblastoma, Kelly underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Following surgery, Kelly endured months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Her parents watched the treatment take its toll as their robust little girl lost weight, lost her curly blond hair, and lost the zest of a typical two year old.

Kelly is now a vigorous and spirited second grader who enjoys singing, riding her bike, painting, going to the beach and playing with her younger brother and sister. The only difference between her and every other second grader is that Kelly still isn’t completely out of the woods yet. She still needs to visit the clinic and undergo a yearly MRI, to be certain that the tumor hasn’t returned.


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