With No Promises, Every Day is Precious

Erin Errickson has lived with cystic fibrosis (CF) her entire life. As a young child, her hospital stays were nearly non-stop. This chronic disease affects the lungs and digestive system and causes the body to produce unusually thick, sticky mucus. This leads to life-threatening lung infections and other complications. Just a few decades ago, most children with CF didn’t survive to adolescence. Erin’s mother used to kiss her daughter goodbye every night in the hospital not knowing if she would make it through the night.

At 16, Erin was diagnosed with CF-related diabetes, an added complication to her already challenging health condition. But Erin never gave up living.

About 10 years ago, she met Tim on a Christian discipleship mission trip. He was always helping her when she got winded or out of breath. The two married before long, and now have two beautiful children.

Erin still struggles with long, unexpected hospital stays, which are hard on her and hard for her children to understand. Even maintaining her blood sugar is critical. One of her biggest fears is that her children might have to deal with losing their mother so young. Knowing that, she and Tim make the best of every day.

Erin knows for many people who are sick, there is no promise of tomorrow. Still, she has hope for herself, for her children and for so many others.


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