Wonder and Excitement

Eyes bright with wonder and excitement, two year old Meesha raced down the street as fast as her little legs could carry her. In her hands she carried the torch of Tomorrow’s Hope, across her face she wore a smile of pure delight. Just over a year ago, Meesha was diagnosed with ALL-acute lymphocytic leukemia, cancer of the blood that accounts for 75 to 80 percent of all childhood leukemias.

Since being diagnosed, Meesha has been in and out of the hospital, undergoing chemotherapy and being treated for infections that her body could no longer fight. Battling disease and the side effects right alongside Meesha have been her parents and four sisters, including her twin sister Emma. They are fighting Meesha’s illness together and it has drawn them closer as a family than ever before.

Now in the maintenance stage of her disease, Meesha is up and moving ahead at full-speed, just like any other two year old. Meesha’s blond hair is steadily growing back, and barring a relapse, one day soon Meesha’s head will sport two little blond pigtails, just like Emma’s.



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