The Facts

Hope for many, many tomorrows.

Hope comes in many different forms. Hope is caring for your loved ones and wanting to help in any way possible. Hope appears when there is enhanced and expanded local health care options for your friends, neighbors, and community. Hope is about making a significant impact through education and research. And Hope is also about creating happy moments and wonderful memories. Tomorrow’s Hope believes every day brings new powerful possibilities and new uplifting successes.

Donating to Tomorrow’s Hope is about us all helping each other.

With your help, together we have granted more than $4.2 million to local healthcare systems. These are the places our friends and loved ones go to when they need medical assistance in Jefferson, Dodge, and Dane Counties. By keeping these dollars local, our grants have an economic impact of $6.9 million.

Why is the Economic Impact higher?

Tomorrow’s Hope keeps its dollars local. Because of this, an Economic Multiplier is achieved. According to a study by the University of Wisconsin Extension Office, in Southeastern Wisconsin, every $1 distributed creates $1.62 in economic benefit.

Do you have a breakdown of the way your funds are spent?

We are proud to be able to tell you where your dollars go, how they are used, and who they serve. We can do this because our recipients sign a contract. Part of that contract is supplying annual reports that detail where our funds are being used. Because it’s important to us that we are accountable to you, it’s important to us that our recipients are accountable to us. Annual reports show an average of 65% of each dollar raised has gone directly to one of our grant recipients.


of funds raised go to our grant recipients.


of funds raised go towards fundraising expenses.


of funds go towards administration expenses.