The Organization

Our Mission

To foster health-related research, education and support activities that have a direct impact on individuals in our local health care service area touched by Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other life-limiting illnesses.



Hope for many, many tomorrows.

Hope comes in many different forms. Hope is caring for your loved ones and wanting to help in any way possible. Hope appears when there is enhanced and expanded local health care options for your friends, neighbors, and community. Hope is about making a significant impact through education and research. And Hope is also about creating happy moments and wonderful memories. Tomorrow’s Hope believes every day brings new powerful possibilities and new uplifting successes.

Donating to Tomorrow’s Hope is about us all helping each other.

Tomorrow’s Hope works directly with the local health care providers that our friends, families and neighbors use. These local health care facilities know what local people need, and funds from Tomorrow’s Hope help enhance their programs and services for people affected by life-limiting illnesses. It’s definitely a winning collaboration.

Tomorrow’s Hope supports specific programs and services at a full spectrum of local health care facilities – to see which ones, click here. With your help, together we have granted over $4.2 million to our recipients. By keeping these dollars local, our grants have an economic impact event greater than the amount raised.


Our History

In April 1998, a group of volunteers met to organize a fundraiser that would have a direct impact on people in southern Wisconsin touched by life-limiting illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more…

Tomorrow’s Hope was created in 1998 by a handful of energetic and caring Jefferson, Wisconsin residents. These people had been leading successful Relay for Life events, in Jefferson, for the American Cancer Society for several years.

They became disheartened, however, when they couldn’t get answers to their questions about how much of the money they (and other area Relay groups) helped raise for ACS was used to directly benefit people in Jefferson, Dodge and eastern Dane counties. About the same time, they also learned that Fort HealthCare, one of the key local healthcare providers in the area, didn’t receive any funds from the American Cancer Society (and they still don’t).

These local leaders wanted to make a big and positive difference in their communities. They were working hard for the cause and felt the money that they, and their friends, family, neighbors, businesses and others raised should stay in the local area and benefit local residents. They wanted to make sure donated dollars were used to directly help local people close to home.

Finally, although many founders of Tomorrow’s Hope had been personally affected in some way by cancer, they also knew that patients and families touched by any type of serious life-limiting illness had the same fears and needs. People affected by Alzheimer’s, heart disease, lung disease, stroke, diabetes and more needed just as much help and support as cancer patients and their caregivers.

So, Tomorrow’s Hope was created to raise money, and grant it locally, for the benefit of all area residents with any type of life-limiting illness. Everyone hurts and hopes the same. We are all one in the journey of life.



When a child is sick, the whole family needs treatment. We are a resource for patients, parents and community hospitals. Tomorrow’s Hope helps us support the whole family.”
-Terri Spring, Development Program Coordinator UW Health – American Family Children’s Hospital, Madison


“Neighbors helping neighbors is at the core of what we both do.”
–  Marge Ashburn, President, Society of St. Vincent DePaul, Jefferson


“The greatest thing about Tomorrow’s hope is the sense of community it has created. Tomorrow’s Hope unites friends, neighbors, and community members around a common cause – health and well-being.”
– Tina Crave, Chief Experience Officer UW Health Partners Watertown Regional Medical Center


“Tomorrow’s Hope helps us do things above-and-beyond the basics. With their funding we are able to stick our neck out there and say these are programs and services the community needs and we are going to try and make it happen.”
– Karen Carrig, President and CEO, Rainbow Hospice Care, Jefferson County