The Walk

The Walk is the core of the entire Hope Fest event. This event is all about YOU! The event raises money for Tomorrow’s Hope and brings people together to celebrate others. The 2019 event takes place during Hope Fest on Saturday, July 20th at the Rotary Park in Jefferson. Walking begins at 9:00am and ends by 11:00pm.

  • Walk around a designated track outlined with Candles of Hope luminaries dedicated to our loved ones.
  • Enjoy festive music.
  • Watch your children or grandchildren enjoy a spectacular Children’s Area.
  • Slow down and reconnect with family and friends.
  • Remember the loved ones we have lost at our Remember Ceremony.
  • Participate and enjoy our other Hope Fest events!

The Walk creates a means for individuals to find hope and healing by raising money for Tomorrow’s Hope and working with their family and friends to honor or remember loved ones touched by life-limiting illnesses. The emotional energy at The Walk is palpable. No matter what the illness, we all understand the pain, the loss, and the hope and healing that is in the hearts of everyone there. We know what is in your heart because it is in our hearts as well.

While Teams are a big part of The Walk, not everyone has to be on a team. Community members are invited to attend to walk, talk, and enjoy the festive atmosphere on the grounds.

The Walk is sponsored by WFAW and Fort HealthCare.

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