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Paxman Scalp Cooling Financial Assistance Program

Bringing HOPE to Chemotherapy Patients in Partnership with


The Tomorrow's Hope Scalp Cooling Financial Assistance Program brings HOPE to individuals that have chosen to have the Scalp Cooling treatments simultaneously with their chemotherapy treatments at the UW Cancer Center - Johnson Creek.
By partnering with the UW Cancer Center - Johnson Creek and Paxman, Tomorrow's Hope was able to bring this innovative new cancer technology to the UW Cancer Center - Johnson Creek. This is the first time offered to chemotherapy patients within Jefferson County.
Now that the system is in place, Tomorrow's Hope has created this financial assistance program. It is intended to assist those that might not participate in the Paxman Scalp Cooling treatments based on out-of-pocket cost and/or patients with Insurance providers that will not cover the cost of the treatments.

Did you know that 1 in 12 refuse chemotherapy treatments based on the risk of losing their hair? This program provides HOPE to these patients and so many more.


This Tomorrow's Hope program was designed to help give HOPE to individuals (and their loved ones) having chemotherapy treatments at the UW Cancer Center - Johnson Creek. Providing financial assistance to help cover the cost of the Paxman Scalp Cooling hair retention treatments.
The Tomorrow's Hope - Paxman Financial Assistance program goal is to financially assist as many patients as possible through ongoing fundraising (online or otherwise) specifically for the Paxman Scalp Cooling Program at UW Cancer Center - Johnson Creek. ALL Funds raised for this specific program will go towards supporting the program.

As long as funds are available in this program, any chemotherapy patient that has three or more Scalp Cooling treatments at the UW Cancer Center - Johnson Creek, and is a resident of Jefferson or Dodge County, WI, will qualify for financial assistance from Tomorrow's Hope.  We now offer 3 levels of financial assistance depending on funds raised and available for this program.

The Paxman Scalp Cooling Financial Assistance program, will assist qualifying patients, saving them a minimum of $1,150 depending on required number of chemotherapy treatments.  The 3 levels of assistance include coverage ranging from $500 to covering cost of all Paxman Scalp Cooling treatments.

The Paxman Foundation will invoice Tomorrow's Hope directly for payment, so the patient will not be burdened with an invoice.

Also, Paxman will provide a 25% discount to patients on treatments (maximum of 12) through this Tomorrow’s Hope program at which time patients will have reached the maximum out of pocket cost required by Paxman and they no longer are charged for treatments beyond 12.

If interested, ask your Cancer Coordinator for an application or more details.

What an IMPACT!!! Please Consider donating to this impactful program.

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Tomorrow's Hope
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