Letter From The Executive Director.



Tomorrow’s Hope started making an impact in our communities in 1998. Through a ton of passionate volunteers and community support, we have been successful year after year in reaching our goal to help people through our local healthcare providers. This would not have been possible without all that support. I have been a supporter of Tomorrow’s Hope since the very beginning, and I am now honored to be the Executive Director.

Todd and his Dad at 2003 Walkfest
Todd and his Dad at 2003 Walkfest


During this challenging pandemic, we have successfully launched new programs and continued to make a positive impact as we fought through it. We also took advantage of the time away from planning events to evaluate our past and plan for our future. Through research and listening we have set a plan in place to rebuild Tomorrow’s Hope and make a greater impact within the communities we serve. Times have obviously changed since 1998, including methods of giving, types of impact donors want to support, grant recipient qualifications, and options for event participation, attending as well as volunteering. With this refreshed insight, we will slowly rebuild to adjust our practices and goals to meet these new challenges.


We will operate as lean as possible. We are a 100% volunteer Nonprofit Charity that will target to have 10% or less in administrative cost per year; this target is significantly lower than the national average. We would love to operate with no administration cost; however, we wish to be transparent about our expenses. Some of these administrative costs go towards protecting our organization, supporters, and volunteers. There are also fee requirements that all registered Nonprofit Charities must pay to various government agencies. Additionally, there are always some office supply and marketing expenses to promote fund raising. At times, some of these costs are covered through the talents of our incredible volunteers.


Our future direction will be founded on creating dynamic, flexible programs to support causes that would not be addressed in the absence of Tomorrow’s Hope. Focused on seeking out unmet needs related to healthcare in the community and developing targeted programs to address those needs.

We will attempt to create and manage impactful programs, which sometimes will be large and other times smaller, but always impactful to the recipient.

Todd’s Wife, Mother and Father In-law 20th Celebration Hope Fest
Todd’s Wife, Mother and Father In-law 20th Celebration Hope Fest


As we rebuild, please keep this in mind. Tomorrow’s Hope is counting on the continued support of our communities and volunteers, through continued sponsorships, partnerships, donations, and volunteering. Volunteering may be the most important as we start the slow process of rebuilding. Become part of Team Tomorrow’s Hope. Be part of the decision-making process on creating new programs to positively impact people in our communities. Assist in planning and coordinating fundraising events. Assist us in the office with marketing, filing, and/or mailings. Those are just some examples. The opportunities are endless, and the reward is life changing. We understand life is busy and know family and other obligations come first, but if you feel your life is missing something, consider volunteering your time to Tomorrow’s Hope! Be that Hope somebody drastically needs, you will not regret it!

I look forward to this rebuild and doing my best to be an impactful part of “WE ALL ARE” – Tomorrow’s Hope.

Todd Wiedenhoeft

Executive Director Tomorrow’s Hope

CALL or TEXT: 920-988-5101


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